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Mum's Kitchen Offers Delivery of Halal Food in Singapore

Mum’s Kitchen Catering provides delightful and all-inclusive halal food Singapore delivery. We are constantly innovating and improving on our menu and processes, thereby providing better food and catering services for our valued customers.

If you are looking for a wide range of carefully-prepared and delicious cuisine with flavours from around the world, then you are at the right place. Mum’s Kitchen’s extensive menu ranging from the East to the West is sure to satisfy every tastebud and occasion.

With our quality Singapore halal delivery food services, simply browse through our menu here and place your order online – we’ll settle the rest!

If you have any special requests or feedback on our halal food delivery service, we’d love to hear from you and accommodate your preferences as far as possible. Feel free to contact our friendly staff at (+65) 6436 0969 today!


(app. 15 Pax)

  • Turnip Stew with Crabstick, Crushed Peanut, Chinese Parsley, Egg, Garlic Chilli and Pie Tee Cups
  • Complete with Cucumber, Onion and Thick Peanut Sauce
  • Turnip Stew w/ Crabstick, Crushed Peanuts, Chinese Parsley, Egg, Garlic Chilli and Popiah Skin
  • Complete with Cucumber, Onion and Thick Peanut Sauce


(app. 15 Pax)


(app. 15 Pax)

  • Asian Caesar Salad $40.00 (with GST $42.80)


(app. 15 Pax)

  • Served with Garlic Toast
  • Served with Garlic Toast
  • Served with Garlic Toast

Hot Dishes : Chicken

Chicken (app. 15 Pax)

Hot Dishes : Seafood Fish

Fish (app. 15 Pax)

Hot Dishes : Prawn

Prawn (app. 15 Pax)

  • Mum’s Cereal Prawn $40.00 (with GST $42.80)

Hot Dishes : Seafood

Seafood (app. 15 Pax)

  • Sambal Squid Ring $40.00 (with GST $42.80)

Hot Dishes : Vegetable & Beancurd

Vegetable & Bean curd (app. 15 Pax)

  • Sautéed Broccoli with Bailing Mushroom $30.00 (with GST $32.10)

Hot Dishes : Rice

Rice (app. 15 Pax)

  • Seafood Fried Rice $30.00 (with GST $32.10) *

Hot Dishes : Noodles

Noodles (app. 15 Pax)

  • Mum’s Signature Laksa (Must Try!) $70.00 (with GST $74.90) *

Hot Dishes : Meat

Meat (app. 15 Pax)

  • Light Mutton Curry $45.00 (with GST $48.15) *
  • *
  • *
  • Halian Lamb Stew $50.00 (with GST $53.50) *
  • *
  • Note: * Asterisk: Recommended / Signature Items

Assorted Canapes & Dips & Nibbles

Assorted Canapes (app. 15 Pax)

Dessert : Sweet & Pastries

Sweet & Pastries (app. 15 Pax)

Dessert : Local Favourite Dessert

Local Favorite Dessert (app. 15 Pax)

Dessert : Premium Glass Desserts

Local Favorite Dessert (app. 15 Pax)

The Takeaway Order: FOOD DELIVERY

  • * All food are packed in disposable aluminum foil tray/ microwaveable container unless with buffet order
  • * Table & Food Warmer Are Not Provided
  • * Valid with a minimum order of $220.00 (with GST $235.40) & above
  • * Full set of Biodegradable disposable ware & cutlery for Takeaway order
  • * Food best consumed within 1 Hour from delivery (as per NEA regulation)
  • * Please adhere to the time stamping accompanying to the food order,
  • * All items presented on the list are subject to availability. The management reserves the rights to replace unavailable items of equal or lower value.
  • * Payment by CASH or CHEQUE upon delivery only
  • * Full buffet table set-up is applicable at $120.00 (with GST $128.40) (not inclusive of delivery-cum-collection fee)

Transport Charge

  • * Delivery Charge at $30.00 (with GST $32.10) per trip
  • * Full buffet table set-up is applicable at $120.00 (with GST $128.40) (not inclusive of delivery-cum-collection fee)

Goods and Services Tax

  • * All prices are subjected to 7% GST
  • To Order: Please select the items and submit the Order Online (last column).
  • For catering enquiries or pre-order: 63460969 Or

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Catering Terms & Conditions

  • *Confirmation of your email booking will be made via telephone, If you do not hear from us within the next 2 business days, Please kindly contact us at (65) 63460969.
  • * Payment by CASH or CHEQUE upon delivery. Please note that all cheques are made payable to “MUM’S KITCHEN CATERING PTE LTD”.
  • * Arrival of food will be within 30 minutes (before or after) on the given function time.
  • * Transport & Set-up charge at mainland is $50.00 (with GST $53.50) per delivery except Jurong Island, Sentosa Island and On board Cruise.
  • * Waiver of Transport for 55pax (min $11 buffet menu) and above.
  • * Duration of 3 hours per events.
  • * A surcharge is applicable per pax if order is less than 30 persons (min 25person)
  • * Upon Confirmation, a minimum of 5 working days is required for any change of menu item.
  • * Any cancellation is subject to minimum 30% charge and thereof.
  • * We reserve the right to replace any item with equivalent value subject to availability.
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